Angry with Apple support

About 5 weeks ago I decided to get rid of one of my Apple ID's. You see, I had 2 accounts: one for the App Store and Family Sharing, the other for everything related to iCloud. Not sure why I ever did the two-account setup, but now it was getting quite annoying to always have to login to two things, to have to remember what account is used for what, etc.

So, I called Apple and told them to delete the App Store related account. I had to convince them that yes, I know I'll loose all the apps that I bought. Yes, I know, and yes I really want it. So they tried but it seems this request happens so rarely that they didn't really know how to delete an account. And since I had Family Sharing enabled with my girlfriend they said it was impossible to delete my account. So I simply disabled Family Sharing and told them try again. It worked - the account was now deleted.

I re-bought my must-have apps on my other account and then tried to enable Family Sharing but only got some errors. Tried to login to appleid.apple.com, but that gave an “unknown error” too. My girlfriend was getting some weird things too; for example somehow my 200 GB of iCloud storage was still shared with her, even though she wasn't in my Family Share anymore (since that account was deleted). But no access to anything else (music, calendars, apps, etc).

This is when the phone calls with Apple started. It took them about 3 weeks to fix logging in on appleid.apple.com, and to fix that wrongly shared iCloud storage. But nothing else has been fixed. I still can't enable Family Sharing and my girlfriend still has no access to our iCloud storage, Apple Music, the apps I bought, our shared family calendar, etc.

There have been many many phone calls with their support team. Every time they ask me to try again and send screenshots and timestamps of any errors. I often have to logout of iCloud and then back in, thus deleting all of the downloaded music on my phone in the process, which is quite annoying. Their people have been logged in remotely, viewing my screen as the errors happen. I've done everything they want for 5 weeks, lost plenty of billable time on this problem.

And now, after 5 weeks, they asked me to make screen recordings of all my devices while a support person would be remotely looking along. This is when I got annoyed with Apple. Really? A screen recording of 3 devices, after 5 weeks? That we have to make yet another phone call appointment for? If the screenshots and timestamps of the errors don't help, the screen recordings won't help either! Seriously, you press one button and an error comes up and they have plenty of screenshots of those errors. Nothing else can be seen in the screen recording. But if I didn't want to provide these recording, I was warned, they might not want to help me anymore.

They also finally asked, after 5 weeks, to get support access to my Apple ID. Yeah! No problem, you can have it! But why only now? When will this finally be fixed?

I am so disappointed with Apple at this point. They can't merge two accounts, deleting the account was a huge hassle, it broke my other account, and they can't fix it even after 5 weeks. I've been told 3 times that “yes, the problem has been fixed!” only to immediately test it and… nope, still the same old broken shit.

Let's see if their newly gained access to my account will help them to fix this problem once and for all. And if not, I told them that I will just create a brand new Apple ID and I want all the money back that I spent on apps, so I can buy them again. We'll see!

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