My name is Kevin Renskers.

I'm a creative freelance developer (I’m available!) with a passion for good design and intuitive, user friendly interfaces. I love working on the front end, whether that's creating a beautiful and performant iOS app or using HTML, CSS and Javascript to create interactive and responsive web apps. I also like working on the back end: I use Python and the Django framework, or Swift with the Vapor framework, to create developer-friendly API's for those apps.

Usability and design are always on my mind, even when writing code: this should be usable, readable and beautiful too. I always strive to create reusable code that can be shared with the world. Currently I'm maintaining about 10 open source projects on GitHub.

I'm been online since 1994, creating websites since 2000 and iOS apps since 2010. You can find my open source projects on /projects and a portfolio of mobile apps I've created on /apps.

If you need a second opinion on your app idea, a pair of eyes to look at your new website, someone to do a code review or architecture assessment, you can also hire me via my website OpinionsForSale.com.

You can download my CV here.